Tudung Bawal Obama – Lemon

Tudung Bawal Obama – Lemon

Harga – RM8.00 sehelai (postage RM6.00 utk 1-5 helai / RM9.00 utk 6 helai keatas)

Price – RM8.00 per piece (postage RM6.00 for 1-5 pieces / RM9.00 for 6 and above)

Sebarang pertanyaan sila email ke paradoxcloset@gmail.com atau lawati page kami Paradox Closet

Any enquiries please email to paradoxcloset@gmail.com or visit our page ~ Paradox Closet

1) Tudung Bawal Obama – lemon hijau

2) Tudung Bawal Obama – lemon pink

3) Tudung Bawal Obama – lemon kuning

4) Tudung Bawal Obama – lemon biru



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